Girl of Action

I have a logical mind. Perhaps as a result of my training as a lawyer, perhaps it’s a natural skill, but I see the logic where others don’t.   This can be, at times, incredibly frustrating, especially where my family is concerned.  I see clearly in my mind what has to happen to achieve a desired outcome.  Simply do A, B and C and boom, task achieved.  It is irrelevant if task A, B or C might be difficult, or complex or ‘not that simple’ because to me, it is that simple.  Each step is just a logical progression of the other.

In addition to this, I’m a ‘doer’. I decide I’m going to do something and I do it.  I make it happen.  These two things combined mean I have little tolerance or patience, rightly or wrongly, for people that are talkers.

I find it unbelievably draining to have the same conversation about doing something over and over again. I’m happy to have it once to hear about the thing, problem or idea.  I’m happy to have it a second or third time to hash things out.  But you generally don’t get more than that.  I’ve realised that I am the person that you go to when you’re ready to do something, fix something, take some sort of action.  I’m not the person to sit around with talking about the same thing over and over again.  But when you’re ready, I’m ready to get things moving, happily and with much excitement.

I’m learning to realise that not everybody is like me. That people have to do their thing, in their own time, when they are ready.  It doesn’t matter how clearly I see what they could be doing, they have to be ready and able to see it also.  It doesn’t matter that I see people wasting their potential, or losing their shine, or that I can see the wall of fear they’ve built around them, or the comfort they’ve cocooned themselves in.  I have to let the frustration fade away.

So when you’re ready to implement that idea, fix that problem, or take that first step, then give me a call. I’m your girl of action.

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