Living in Truth

I’m changing, becoming stronger and more confident. I’m moving to more solid ground, to a new place of knowing, where no doubt exists.  It’s a place of certainty, strength, stillness and tranquillity.

The more I explore this new place, the happier I become. I actually can do this.  I have this inner calm and innate knowing that it’s ok for me to make decisions to live my life in a way that is not considered ‘normal’, to challenge society on its preconceived notions, to not fall in with the herd.  I am expanding in the sureness of knowing one’s true self.

I think I have always done this, lived in a way that I have always wanted, but shakily and overshadowed with self-doubt, justification and much sought after external validation. I have always wondered.  I have always felt like perhaps I was missing out on something.  That perhaps so many people couldn’t possibly be wrong.

But now I know. I no longer have to wonder and I have this calm knowing that I am not missing out on anything.  My life is to be lived my way, in that way that only I can possibly know is right for me, without any doubt, and without any fear.  I will no longer justify my choices to those individuals that question.  I will not allay their fears or prop up their insecurities.

My choices made now and in the future may or may not fall into the ‘norm’ or the ‘usual’, but each choice and decision will be decided from my place of truth. Each choice and decision will be lived my way and always in a way that honours my truth.

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