Rest Days

I’m taking a few rest days.  My journey is a long one, at times incredibly difficult and tiring.  Today I am weary.

Occasionally I have these periods of time that last a week, sometimes two or longer, where things seem to grind to a halt.  I lose my connection to spirit, things seem to start reverting to the old, and nothing is happening.  I can’t be bothered to do anything, everything becomes meh and I become increasingly frustrated.  I’m a doer, I like to be doing things, to be able to see and feel progress.  I am impatient for it.

However, I am realising that these periods are merely rest days.  Much like when I’m on a long multi-day hike, I need the occasional rest day.  It allows my body to rest and gives me a chance to catch my breath.

So now I view these periods as merely rest days for my soul as we travel home.  They allow my spirit to regenerate.  It gives me a moment to stop and catch my breath, to look back on the last stage of my journey and to process all that has happened, to reflect on all that I’ve experienced and all that has occurred.

When these rest days have occurred in the past, I’ve viewed them as a bad thing, as if something was wrong or I wasn’t doing enough.  But now I embrace them.  It’s beautiful how much nothing I can do.  I can spend a whole day doing absolutely nothing.  Though sometimes, it’s actually surprising how busy I can be when I am doing nothing!  Someone once told me that, in doing nothing we do everything.  So I allow the nothingness to unfold, knowing that before long I’ll be back on the road for the next stage of my journey.


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