Still Silence

I hate noise. Traffic, chatter, constant movement and never ending activity.  I can’t stand it.  It grinds against all of my senses.  It reverberates around my soul like a jack hammer against concrete.

So much of our lives are filled with noise. From the moment we begin each day, to the moment it ends, our lives are noisy and busy.  There is no stillness, no silence.   It’s a shame because there is such beauty and truth in the silence of stillness, and we miss it all.

Back in the day, I would have an endless list of things I was doing, places that I was going and people I was seeing. I would go from place to place, from person to person without stopping for breath, without being still or silent for a moment.

As I journey home, I’ve realised how much of a gift there is in silence, in being alone with myself and being still for a moment.  People automatically think meditation, but I’m not talking about that (although meditation is beautiful). It’s more about time alone.  To comfortably be on your own for a few hours, a day, maybe longer, to be silent for a little while.

People are uncomfortable in the silence of others, and uncomfortable in their own silence. So we fill our lives with noise.  We never allow ourselves to just stop and be still, to really exist in a moment.  We live in a world of twenty-four hour on demand stimulation.  There is no time or room for silence, and yet it is stillness and silence that we all need most.

Largely I think it’s because people are afraid of silence. They are afraid of what they might hear.  They are afraid of what they might see and they are afraid of what the silence might bring with it.

There is so much to be heard in silence. In silence you can easily hear the whispers of unhappiness, of fear, of regret, of disappointment.  But if you are quiet enough, and listen long enough, you can also hear the whisper of promise, of hope, of love, of truth.

For me, being still and silent is a way of life. The silence of stillness is what my soul yearns for, and is fundamental to hearing my truth.  In the silence, I can hear home calling.

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