The External Mask

Why can’t we simply just be?  I am, full stop.  No more.  Each moment I’m being, I am.  Isn’t that enough?

When we meet someone we ask, “where do you live”, “what do you do”, “how old are you”, etc., as if these are the standards by which we measure the worth of that person.

Why do we put so much weight and judgement on the external ‘stuff’?   Why are we so quick to condemn and criticise someone simply by where they were born or where they might live?  Why have we so quickly forgotten our true nature as souls?  We have forgotten that our body is simply the vessel, the house, the shelter, the communicator.  We have forgotten that all the external things are merely distractions, things to have fun with, things to enjoy, but they shouldn’t be used as the standards or guidelines by which we determine the worth of people.

How and why do we think that all the external is important, and why are we using it to measure whether someone is good or not?

The external stuff doesn’t tell me if that person is kind or nasty, generous and loving or selfish and cruel.  It doesn’t tell me if that person is funny or lonely, happy or miserable.  It can’t tell me if that person needs a friend, or could be that friend I need.

I walked the Camino for five weeks, and in those five weeks, the only real questions I would ask or be asked was “where have you walked from”, “where are you walking to”, “how long have you been walking for”.  For five weeks I lived in a world where we were all truly the same.  There was simply nothing to judge a person by.  It simply was not relevant what that person did, or where they lived, or what they drove or what they were wearing or eating.  There was nothing distracting me from that person.  I saw only them.  All of the external bullshit was removed.  It was beautiful and it was home.  My soul recognised that this is what it is supposed to be like.

The external stuff is simply a mask covering all that which is truly important and beautiful in a person. The external is a mask we wear but really need to remove so that we may see each other a little more clearly.

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