It’s interesting to see how so many people are really unhappy stumbling along a path they think is the only one. Depressed and dissatisfied, trapped by fear, guilt and the constant need for external security and validation.  I rudely stare at these people, feeling an overwhelming desire to shake them and scream, ‘it doesn’t have to be this way’!  People are all about the ‘can’t’.  ‘Oh I can’t do that, no, no, I can’t.’  When I hear someone speak that word, it makes me want to explode.  ‘Of course you bloody can’ I want to scream.  Yes the ‘can’ option might be difficult, seemingly impossible, make you unpopular, cause you to disappoint loved ones, but it still can be done.  Everything is a choice.

cantIt is hard to escape the can’t trap.  To shift beliefs that are ingrained from an early age, to not conform, to speak your truth to a collective doubt that surrounds you in the shape of society, family, and friends, but the truth is that there are no rules, no normal, no usual.  If you are brave enough to really live your life the way you want, to shine your light and speak your truth, then you will live a life of real happiness, love and freedom.

I believe to get home, to truly know ourselves, and to find the real magic of life, we must remove ourselves from our comfort zones.  We must place ourselves in situations that push us to breaking point, to that moment where all the external falls away and you are left only with yourself.  There is much power, and many lessons for us when we push ourselves past what we thought were our limits. When we place ourselves in challenging situations and survive.

When we discover that we actually can when we thought we couldn’t, and when we remove ourselves from the security of our conformity, we discover the truth of who we really are.  When you discover your truth, you will have arrived home, free at last, a powerful being that realises that you absolutely can.

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